We are hiring!

Here at CoCo Spa, we strive for the best quality and care. The primary foci at our spa are client care and skin care. We work with the most advanced technology and use CoZi skincare products, our in-house all natural organic product, on all our clients to create the safest, most beneficial results. Currently, we are expanding our business and looking for new estheticians to grow our team. CoCo is one of the top estheticians in San Fransisco with 28 years of experience and has the ability to help you further your career goals. Her strengths are not only in her work but also building meaningful relationships with her clients and employees, an environment where you can feel respected and important. Join us in our community of passion for skin care!

    The position:

    • Licensed Esthetician in California
    • Attentive to client care and needs
    • Enjoys working in a positive, friendly work environment
    • Punctual, Professional, Responsible
    • Meticulous about the details in the treatment room and of treatment care
    • Excellent customer service skills
    • Excellent listening skills
    • Interest to learn new techniques
    • Part-time position with the opportunity to Full-time

    Responsibilities include(but not limited to):

    • Booking appointments/ organization of client bookings
    • Providing all skin care services that we offer
    • Ability to sell services and products
    • Building a meaningful relationship with all clientele
    • Attract, build, and maintain a regular clientele*

    We believe client loyalty is important in becoming a successful esthetician

    • Cleaning treatment room and tools after every use
    • Keep work area tidy and professional
    • Willingness to go above and beyond work duties
    • Self-motivated

    * Please send all CVs and resumes to We look forward to working with you!